Spinning wheel review #01: HansenCrafts MiniSpinner

One of my faults is that I’m a wheel collector. I have more wheels than I ┬áhave room for, or time to spin on. Very few of my wheels get the use that they deserve, and yet I’m not looking to re-home very many of them. I worry that even if I rehome them, more will come in to take their places. I thought I might review some of them so that I might help other spinners along the way. I’m still coming up with a format for these, so please bear with me.

HansenCrafts MiniSpinner

  • Flyer system: Scotch Tension
  • Weight: About 4lbs
  • Wheel Style: Electric Spinner
  • Ratios: NA Flyer rotates as fast as 1500 RPM

One of the wheels that I use most often is my HansenCrafts MiniSpinner. This is a small electric spinner that I take with me when I go to workshops and events. It does NOT replace my spindle in portability, but it can definitely do the job as a production spinner.

HansenCrafts MiniSpinner in Cherry with WooLee Winder

At Left is an image of a MiniSpinner in Cherry wood with a WoolLee Winder. This seems to be the standard setup although the web site lists it as an option, and lots of people love their WoolLee Winders on their MiniSpinners. Mine doesn’t have one.

Instead, my MiniSpinner has a standard Ashford Jumbo flyer, and bobbin setup. New models on the web site are shown with a new standard flyer system, created by Kevin especially for the MiniSpinner.

The MiniSpinner weighs in at around 4lbs, depending on what wood options you purchase. It comes with one bobbin, so you may want to purchase additional. I did, but I rarely use them, preferring to just wind off my yarn and keep going on the single bobbin.

Another option you may want to consider is a battery. My Mini came with AC power, and a car adapter (I have yet to use it to spin in the car), but no battery. I’ve found that for Workshops, plug space can be non-existent, or you may have to share with other MiniSpinner users as they become more popular. A battery gives you the freedom to sit anywhere you want, and spin as long as you have juice. There is a lively discussion on batteries on the HansenCrafts Ravelry group.

For truly portable, every day spinning, I still use a spindle, but for travel and production use I LOVE my MiniSpinner.

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  1. Lesley Fowler says:

    I am sure that this is because of my lack of imagination, but how do you ply on the Hansen. I mean–what’s the setup to do this? I never see any mention of a lazy Kate. Thanks for any feedback! Lesley

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