Preparing to teach

Playing with Color in Spinning!

I’m prepping for a class that I’ll be teaching at Dragonfly Fibers Studio on Friday, May 4. “Playing with Color in Spinning” will cover spinning and plying structures, and how those structures can be used to show off that delicious hand painted fiber best. In preparation, I’ve been spinning different types of fiber in ten and 20 gram increments.

Long color runs of fiber

This is a 4oz batch of fiber from Pico Accuardi dyeworks. It’s wool, dyed in some fairly long color runs. Using my scale, I’ve split it up into about 10 gram bits. 10 grams fits comfortably on a plastic weaving bobbin. I’m then using those bobbins to make two ply, three ply, chain ply, fractally spun, cables, and other ply and spinning structures. My students will get to see lots of options, and we’ll talk about when you might want to use each type of yarn. Stay tuned for more photos!


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