Remember that fiber?

Remember that fiber I was spinning for a class?

Long color runs of fiber

It’s become this:


From the top: Corespun, Puffy singles, chain plied, two plied fractal spun


and this:


Hand Carded rolags "tubes"

Which will be a woolen spun cabled yarn.

The point of the class is to take what you see in your head when you buy that pretty hand dyed fiber and turn it into reality. We’re going to discuss how fiber content affects your end result, spinning some Polwarth, some Merino/Silk, and some Silk/Merino/Seacell fibers. We’ll talk about how your spinning and plying structure can affect your end result too, lending extra bounce to a drapey yarn, or less bounce to a super bouncy yarn.

We have a lot to cover. Will you join us?

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