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Administrivia: The Class Descriptions are up!

Thank you so much for being so patient!

Knit One Spin Too has posted class descriptions for Spin-U. We have so many exciting classes planned!

I’m thrilled to be teaching my Plying for color class, in both a three hour and a six hour version and Heather Ordover is offering her Socks a Go Go class (it has homework. Be prepared!).

Rosanne Mordt is going to show us supported spindling on some beautiful Cherry wood Neal Brand spindles and bowls, and if supported spindles aren’t your thing, Heather Ordover will teach Suspended Spindling and Wheel spinning too! We really wanted to share the spinning love!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, Elizabeth Stover is teaching us about some really fascinating art yarn techniques, and Lisa Grossman will show us how to spin sock yarn that’s both cushy and hard wearing, just like her Tsilk Tstocking yarn.

Please take a look, contact me with any questions, and start planning your visit to Spin-U!


Hallockville Fiber Fair is a lovely festival in Riverhead, NY featuring vendors, food, wine, and demonstrations of spinning, weaving, and shearing. This year, we had beautiful weather for a fibery weekend!

After a great day out at Hallockville this past Saturday, I brought my kiddo Cori back for more fun on Sunday.

Cori (almost 3) was super excited to meet the animals. She talked about how she wanted to pat the animals for DAYS leading up to the festival.

The first animal we encountered was this guy:

Cotswold Sheep

This Cotswold sheep was super friendly. He happily walked right up to people and begged for head scritches.

Next door stood this guy:

Guard Llama

This is a llama. Specifically, he’s a guard llama, and he was taking his job super seriously. I had our German Shepherd Bodhi with us, and this llama was ready to take her down if she looked at the sheep in the wrong way. Thankfully, Bodhi is an exceptionally good dog, and happily followed along without bothering any of the animals.

The animals that Cori was most fascinated with were two five day old lambies. Here she is peering curiously under the tarp providing shade.



Here’s a better picture of one of the lambies:


A big thank you to the folks who brought these animals. They were polite and answered my three year old’s questions with grace, even though I’m sure they’d heard the same ones all weekend. A special thank you to the guy who climbed into the sheep pen so Cori could shyly decide NOT to pet one of the five day old lambies. Thank you for trying. We’ll try again next year!

The animal that Cori felt comfortable petting was this tiny two week old baby angora bunny. She was thrilled to have found an animal small enough to pet, and this lady was super sweet to let an unknown quantity of a three year old pet her baby bunny. To her credit, Cori was very gentle.


Our home base at this show was with the ladies of Tsarina of Tsocks. Lisa and her crew were lovely hosts, even holding on to Bodhi while I took Cori to the potty. Note: The dog in the photo is Luke, a Tsarina-land native. This photo was taken at the very end of the day, just before they started knocking down the booth. I know that wine was well deserved!


All those animals, and all that sun led to one zonked out kiddo.

Zonked after a hard day in the sun.

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