Let’s talk Turkey

What’s that? It’s not Thanksgiving? You don’t like turkeys?

Ok, then let’s talk about classes.

My wonderful friend Elizabeth Stover will be teaching¬†Liberation Spin: Learn the Language of Art Yarn¬†at Spin-U on Saturday 7/28. Just yesterday she put out a wonderful blog post featuring her art yarns (and her gorgeous kiddos). Scroll down to the bottom to see a selection of Elizabeth’s work over the past month or two. I stole this photo from her flickr stream, because the composition was so good, and it so clearly shows the gorgeous things that she can do with fiber!

Elizabeth's Handspun

Have you always wanted to learn more about art yarn? Have you been longing to push your yarn further, made it bigger, brought more of the art into your spinning? This is the class for you!

Come learn new and innovative techniques in Elizabeth’s workshop, Liberation Spin. Join her for an introduction to spinning novelty yarns with some prep work in carding and color selection. You will gain insight on perfecting a basic thick and thin single as the foundation for other techniques. We will advance to learning corespinning, coils, wraps, traps, and the latest new in-line techniques. We will touch on as many techniques as time permits. This class is process oriented and student paced.

I am so excited about this class. I’m having a great time sourcing materials and bringing in equipment! You totally want to join us!


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