Can we talk?

What were we talking about?

Oh yes! Classes!

I want to talk with you about Rosane Mordt’s Intro to Supported Spindling class, happening at Spin-U on Saturday morning, 7/28.

Spindle spinning is so portable. You can easily tuck away a spindle and a bit of fluff with you anywhere you go. I know I’m notorious for spinning yarn on the subways of NYC. If you get stuck waiting for someone somewhere, you’ll be calm and collected, as you pull out your spinning.

Neal Brand Tibetan Support Spindles (not Cherry Wood)


In this class, Rosane will show you the basics of spinning on a supported spindle, which is different from suspended (or drop) spindles. You’ll rely on the long draw way of drafting fiber to build a yarn that can be as lofty or as firm as you desire.

The spindles for this class have me jumping for joy. Neal Brand is going to be supplying Cherry Wood supported spindles. Have you seen his stuff?! It’s drop dead gorgeous!

Each student will get their own supported spindle and lap bowl. The fiber you will be spinning will be a silk/wool blend.

Think about it: Your own hand spun Orenberg lace shawl! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

C’mon. You know you want to try it.

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