You aren’t learning anything if you’re talking

Although when it comes to Heather Ordover, I respectfully disagree.

What Would Madame Defarge Knit (available from Cooperative Press)

You may know Heather from her long running podcast “CraftLit“, where she’s currently reading “Gulliver’s Travels”, or you may know her books, including “What Would Madame Defarge Knit?”, or you may have taken a class from Heather.

The lovely Ms. Ordover will be teaching her Sock Heels a-Go-Go at Spin-U on Saturday, 7/28. First taught at Sock Summit ’09—this is a six hour class that covers six heels. When the workshop is complete, you will know which heel fits best and will leave the class with a set of worksheets that will allow them to substitute that (or any) heel into any sock they ever knit from that point forward.

There is homework for this class!!!

Let me be perfectly honest: I had no idea that there WERE six different sock heel types. I’m so excited to see what the students in this class come in with! Ok, so I’m also really excited to poke my head in and see what Heather is teaching during this class.

If you knit socks, you totally have to take this class!

Heather is also teaching Spinning on a Drop Spindle 101 and Spinning on a Wheel 101, both three hour classes on Sunday 7/29. Heather and I met in 2006 in Rudy Amman’s Spinning 201 class at SOAR. Heather was a SOAR Scholarship Recipient at the time. One of the things that Scholarship Recipients have historically done is to bring the fibery love out into the world. Heather has gone on to spread the love in spades!

Whether you’ve always been curious about spinning, or you’ve tried to teach yourself and you’re ready to take your first intensive class, this is your opportunity to improve your spinning skills. These classes are appropriate for beginner and intermediate spinners alike.


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