There is joy in failure

I thought about the closing of Spin-U for a couple of days before making the announcement. I worried about how people would react. Would they be kind, or would they be cruel? When you have been thinking about getting away, meeting with your tribe, a change of plans can be upsetting.

I had an image in my head of people spreading rumors, saying mean things online or worse yet, in person or via email. It was so disturbing to me that I avoided making the announcement for four days.

I’m happy to report that the reaction was nowhere near as bad as I had imagined. That’s what usually happens, but it doesn’t stop me from picturing the worst.

In fact, the outpouring of love and support had been somewhat overwhelming. I haven’t been this grateful in a long time. Thank you so much to everyone that has said that they are looking forward to next year, to everyone who sent love and support, to my wonderful teachers who have all said that they would be willing to try again next year. Thanks too to my fantastic volunteers. To everyone, without your support I really would consider shutting down for good and not trying again.

Next week I will begin planning for Spin-U 2013. There are teachers to contact and dates to nail down. I am open to suggestions about what you would like to see for next year, and I hope you will voice your opinion.

Thank you, everyone!



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