Tour de Fleece day 2

4oz Organic Merino

Now that’s a nice bobbin.

That’s four ounces of organic merino wool on an Ashford Jumbo bobbin. Theres PLENTY of room for more. I don’t think I could get a full eight ounces on, but I could easily fit six.  In fact, since this is worsted spun, I might be able to fit eight ounces on if I spun woolen.

What’s the difference? Worsted spun yarn has all of the air squeezed out of it. It’s denser than woolen spun  yarn, somewhat harder wearing.

Why did I spin it this way? Well first, I’m spinning for consistency. I wanted the most even, consistent yarn I could make. It’s not perfect, but it gave me a good idea of where I need improvement. Woolen spun is somewhat inconsistent by its very nature. Spinning woolen lets the twist up past your hand to dance over the fiber  compacting it into yarn.

I’m normally a woolen spinner. I let great lengths of fiber get twisted between my hands. My yarns are poofy and smooshy and soft. This yarn is going into a child’s hat. It needs to be less floppy than a woolen spun merino yarn would be, just a little bit so. The yarn will be a 2×2 cable plied yarn, so the ply structure will allow for a slight stiffening of the yarn as well.

Fiber Source: Spunky Eclectic – “Little Periwinkles” Club fiber March 2011
Fiber Content: Organic Merino
Wheel: Hansen MiniSpinner
Ratio: None – Speed set at ~9:00
Singles TPI: ~6
Singles WPI: Not measured


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