Tour de Fleece day 3


Eight little bobbins of wool

Actual work is getting in the way of my spinning. This is that same four ounces of fiber, now wound up onto little four inch weaving bobbins. See the maroon fiber wrapped around each bobbin? That’s the spacer yarn, which indicated where to start/stop each bobbin of fiber.

The little bobbins are pretty consistent, just by my eye. The scale plays that out, for the most part:

25g, 20g, 18g, 19g, 17g, 20g, 21g, 21g

Considering that I just eyeballed the splits on these, I’m happy with how even these turned out. There will be some spare singles, sure, but nothing too egregious.

The original plan had been to spin these as a 2×2 cabled yarn, but after a quick discussion with the Tsarina, I’ve come up with a little experiment.

I’m going to spin half of these bobbins 2×2 cable, and half as a traditional four ply. I’m going to swatch each, probably as little key sweaters or something, and see which wears better.

My assertion is that the cabled yarn will wear better as I think that the ply structure protects more of the surface area of the singles. Miss Lisa seems to think that the traditional four ply will wear better, for almost the same reason.

Hmmmm. I have eight little bobbins.

Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

It’s time for a little SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

Fiber Source: Spunky Eclectic – “Little Periwinkles” Club fiber March 2011
Fiber Content: Organic Merino
Wheel: Hansen MiniSpinner
Ratio: None – Speed set at ~9:00
Singles TPI: ~6
Singles WPI: Not measured

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