Le Tour de Fleece day four


Well crap. I quit.

Ok, that skein on the right? That’s the plied, but unwashed cabled skein. I cant quite decide what it wants. I’m going to wash it and see what it looks like, and if it’s still not what I want I’m going to take it apart and add more twist to the two ply skeins before re-plying.

The straight four ply? It’s lovely. The yarn is smooth and round, just what a multiple ply yarn is supposed to be. Both skeins are SUPER soft and squishy. Together they’ll make an awesome hat for my kiddo. I’m glad that I have a second four ounce braid, because I don’t think that these 176 yards is quite enough to make the hat that I want. The pattern calls for 225 yards of worsted.

Let’s talk about why I didn’t get 225 yards of worsted weight yarn out of my ~4oz.

1) This isn’t really four full ounces. It’s actually 3.55oz. Each skein is 88 yards. This gets me a grist of ~791ypp. Granted, all of these calculations are before washing. I’m sure that things will change after I wash and re-skein.

To get 225 yards per 4oz I need a grist of 900 ypp. It’s do-able, but I’m not sure how it will change my resulting yarn.

2) These singles are worsted spun. If I spin the next four ounces woolen, I’m going to increase my yardage.

3)┬áThis is a four ply yarn. No matter which I choose, it’s four plies. I think that my yardage would increase if I went to a three ply yarn. Lots of commercial worsted weight is three plies.

End result: I don’t like the feel of the cabled yarn. Odd, because this particular cabled yarn is my favorite to spin, and usually my favorite to knit with. I think it really will need to be run through the wheel again.

My next challenge though, is 1lb of “More Coffee” bfl, again from Spunky Eclectic.

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