Been a long time gone…

You know how it is, when you go away for a while, intending to have a short break, then you’re gone way longer than you intended, then your embarrassed that you’ve been gone so long, and afraid to come back? Yeah, that’s how this long absence happened.

When Spin-U was shut down last year, I was really upset about it. I felt like I had let down the people who had signed up, but there just weren’t enough sign ups to warrant running the show, for the vendors to come out, to pay for the food. Everybody was going to lose money, and nobody was going to be happy. My decision was made for me when the deadline for paying for the event space loomed up, and we couldn’t afford to do it from the registrations.

So now I’m back. I’m going to run the event July 12 – 14th 2013. I have fantastic teachers signed on. I have vendors waiting for vendor applications to open. You know you want to join us!