I think I broke my brain

I think I broke my brain.

I’ve had a little Strauch Petite for AGES. I never use it because I was never happy with the results. I would feed in wool, and get out a neppy awful mess. I was afraid to put anything of any quality into it, even though I know the old adage “garbage in/garbage out”. I had considered selling the drum carder, but couldn’t bring myself to do so.

After carding (and carding and carding and carding) the Hampshire fleece bits, I decided that I wanted a project for me, and I didn’t want to do it on hand cards, thankyouverymuch.

I went downstairs and pulled a few handfuls of a pre-washed polwarth fleece out of one of the bags of fleece in my basement, came upstairs, and started teasing. I thought about what I did before I put fiber on my handcards, what would happen if I put whole locks on the cards, then tried to make magic happen. I teased out the fiber, and ran it through the drum carder.

Magic! It’s magic! I got .75oz of delicious Polwarth batt! Then I went a step further, and added some grey angora. I wanted a tiny bit of halo in the finished yarn, and I admit that I didn’t measure what I put in. I ran the angora laden batt through the drum carder another three times before I was happy with the distribution, but the result is FANTASTIC!

90/10 Polwarth Angora

90/10 Polwarth Angora

I’ll do a write up of what I did another day. I’m just so happy that my drum carder and I are getting along!