Oh no! A setback and decision making

This week has been a series of setbacks and experiments. My sock is in time out, my spinning is back, but brings with it a set of decisions that need to be made. What to do?

I’ve had a setback on my Mojo sock. Yesterday I found two dropped stitches. I’m not sure how they happened. I was able to fix one, in a most inelegant way, but the second one, combined with heel issues has this sock in time out.

Do I frog it? Do I try to fix it? I have to make a decision.


The offending stitch, being held by a locking stitch marker

 But wait, I have still more decisions to make this week. A while ago, I washed up some cormo fleece. It wasn’t much, enough to fill a lingerie bag. Unfortunately, the bag seems to have been too full and the wool has a lot of lanolin in it. The lanolin makes the wool feel sticky, and leaves a residue on my hands that is unpleasant.


I carded up a single batt, about 2oz, and split it into four strips. I’ve started spinning a fine single at about  36 tpi on my Matchless. The single is spun z with a ratio of 9:1. 


A fine Cormo single

this single leaves me with a choice. Do I two ply it and make a lace weight yarn? Do I three ply it and make a bouncy, squishy fingering weight yarn? Perhaps I should four ply it, or 2×2 cable it to make a heavy fingering to light sport weight yarn. I need to think about my end goal for the yarn. Do I want to use it to knit a Pi shawl while I’m on vacation, or do I want to use this luxury yarn to make this year’s hats and mittens?

And then, once I’ve done this one batt, I need to go back and re-wash the rest of the fiber. The stickiness is not something I want to continue working with beyond this point.  I’ll photograph that, because I’m planning on using a new to me scour, and I’m eager to see the results. I also need to experiment with using good old fashioned laundry detergent as a scour… But not on the precious Cormo fleece!

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