Duckworth Wool

Men’s Journal did a very nice article about Duckworth Wool. Duckworth is a new outdoor clothing company out of Bozeman, Montana, is concisely told on their tagless label: “Grown-Spun-Knit-Sewn — Made in USA.”1

Duckworth is using “Helle Rambouillet Merino”wool. This seems to be a cross between a Rambouillet and a Merino being grown by Helle Farms. The Helle family, a third generation sheep farm in Dillon Montana, specialize in range lambing Rambouillet sheep. They seem to be selectively breeding for both meat and wool, with an emphasis on wool.2  The Helles have partnered with Duckworth to provide wool for the Duckworth clothing line.

The wool from Helle Farms is being processed in South Carolina. The processed wool is then being spun, knit, and sewn in North Carolina.

Though I don’t see a shop available yet to purchase Duckworth clothing, it’s certainly something I’ll be watching for.


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