A letter to a sheep: CVM

Dear CVM,

When I unpacked your fleece sample, I saw a grungy, poop covered sheep, but your locks were well formed, and you had a lot of crimp. You were classed as a medium wool breed, but I knew you had fine wool in your background. I like those qualities in a sheep.

When I started to wash you, I found puffy wool that was eager to be whatever I wanted. You’re a nice wool to start a new spinner on, with a little grip, and less grease than merino, or some of the fancier fine wools.

Your worsted spun locks weren’t shiny, but they were sturdy and strong. Woolen spinning was where you thrived. You became soft, airy yarn, perfectly appropriate for all but the most delicate of skin.

CVM Rolags waiting to be spun

CVM, I will look for you at fiber festivals in the future. You are a wool I will use again, and again.

With infatuation,


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  1. Cat Sawyer says:

    This is so touching, in so many ways. I want my own CVM.

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