Dear Perendale – Letter The First

Dear Perendale,

When I met you, you were grungy and yellowed. Your locks were jumbled, and you had a lot of short bits, but I knew you were a long wool type of sheep, so I hunted for the longest of your fibers.

Perendale, magic happened when I washed your locks. What once was filthy and yellow and gritty with dirt, became silky and soft. Your fiber was actually a shiny white, soft to the touch and as long as my hand.


Washed Perendale Locks

I was inspired to comb your wool using single pitch Viking combs. I spun your smooth worsted singles right off the comb, and I was rewarded with some of the most fantastic yarn. Your worsted yarn is slightly airy, with a soft sheen.

Mmmm, Perendale.

Worsted Spun Two Ply Perendale Sample

Your yarn will bring fantastic stitch definition. I want to use you in cabled hand warmers, and woven scarves.

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